What is IndiaBLUE D.E.F.

IndiaBLUE D.E.F. is a highly purified, non hazardous, non toxic non flammable and colorless fluid. It is made up of highly purify D.M.water and technical grade urea. It is used as a reducing agent in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system to reduce emission of oxides of nitrogen from the exhaust of diesel engines so as to protect the environment and meet regulatory Emission Standards of Bharat Stage IV & VI diesel engines.

IndiaBLUE D.E.F. Production

Technisch Rennen is an ISO 9001:2016 certified D.E.F. manufacturer in India since 2017. It is first in Vidharbha region and centrally located in India. IndiaBLUE D.E.F. is produced by using completely automated blending system and three stage filtration system which adhered with ISO 22241 D.E.F quality standards. Ensuring that you can be 100% sure with a high quality product that complies with the requirements laid down by OEM's and government regulations.

Selective Catalytic Reduction

SCR is the most reliable way to clean up diesel engine emissions. It reduces the harmful emission, nitrogen oxide (NOX) from the exhaust of diesel engine. D.E.F. is stored in a separate adjacent storage tank, is injected into the exhaust system. This causes a chemical reaction which converts the harmful emission into a harmless output which does not harm our environment or human being. In technical terms, it converts the nitrogen oxide (NOX) into atmospheric nitrogen and water vapor, using D.E.F as a catalyst.

Selective Catalytic Reduction Process

Benefits of IndiaBLUE D.E.F. by Technisch Rennen

It protects SCR systems

As the purity of D.E.F. by Technisch Rennen is closely controlled, it does not damage SCR systems.

It reduces fuel consumption

D.E.F. by Technisch Rennen cuts fuel consumption by 5% without reducing power output.

It reduces exhaust emission

The amount of Nox in exhaust gas can be reduced by 85%-95%.

It is environmentally friendly

The D.E.F. by Technisch Rennen is fully bo-degradable and does not pollute water and air.

It helps vehicles to meet the latest emission standard

D.E.F. by Technisch Rennen helps Diesel engines and vehicles with BSIV & BS VI.

It has a long shelf life

D.E.F. by Technisch Rennen has a shelf life of at least 12 months when stored under recommended conditions.

It is delivered in liquid form

As D.E.F. by Technisch Rennen is supplied in liquid from, it is easy to store and deploy.
indiaBLUE D.E.F. Nagpur
indiaBLUE D.E.F. Nagpur
indiaBLUE D.E.F. Nagpur
indiaBLUE D.E.F. Nagpur
indiaBLUE D.E.F. Nagpur

D.E.F. Specifications

(Reference ISO 22241 (I) standard)

Component Amount
Urea content 31.8% - 33.2% by mass
Density @20 C 1087-1093 Kg/m
Refracting index @ 20 C 1.3814-1.3843
Alkalinity as NHP <0.2% by mass
Biuret <0.3% by mass
Aldehydes <5.0 mg/kg
Insolubles <20 mg/kg
Phosphate (P04) <0.5 mg/kg
Calcium <0.5 mg/kg
Iron <0.5 mg/kg
Copper <0.2 mg/kg
Zinc <0.2 mg/kg
Chromium <0.2 mg/kg
Nickel <0.2 mg/kg
Aluminum <0.5 mg/kg
Magnesium <0.5 mg/kg
Sodium <0.5 mg/kg
Potassium <0.5 mg/kg


  • - Refill your D.E.F. tank it runs low.
  • - Ensure you buy from registered D.E.F. manufactures.
  • - Prevent fuel, oil, water from entering the D.E.F.tank.
  • - Use dedcated tank and dispensing equipment for the usage of of D.E.F.
  • - Store india BLUE D.E.F. at room temperature


  • - Don't wait for your D.E.F. to run out before you refill.
  • - Don't buy D E.F. without registered mark.
  • - Don't add additives or any other compound into DEE
  • - Don't add water directly into the SCR system, it will damage the SCR system.
  • - Don't store india BLUE D.E.F. in direct sunlight or rain.
  • - Don't mix external water with D.E.F.